Founded in 2017 by Tom Tibbits and Lydia Crimp, Artistraw make award winning cider from 100% pure juice and lots of love in rural Herefordshire. Each year’s cider is slightly different according to the variations in nature’s rhythms (to this end think vintage wine rather than beer!)

We specialise in attenuated fermentation techniques, leaving residual complex sugars which means our cider retains a beautifully ‘appley’ flavour and aroma! The only thing you’ll find in our cider is the fermented juice of apples!
Artistraw is a corruption of the old Herefordian word for shrew – an animal we are blessed with many of in the fields here at Artistraw HQ. In his eponymous diaries, Kilvert mentions a local pub, the Swan Inn, and its proprietor Price getting very excited by a ‘Hardy-straw’ on the banks of the Wye at Bredwardine. That was in 1870, and shrews are still a-plenty in this neck of the woods!